Part: 1

Entry: The one in which we get to know Mirek better...

A baker by profession and by calling. Father of five unruly kids, now grown-ups. Dad of four boys: Bonek, Dawid, Maks and Gracjan, but also the charming and equally full of character Inez. Husband of Danusia and the owner of Olawa bakery.

Mirek grew up in Oława, a large and thriving town near the capital of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw. He grew up in a poor family, where his mother was a cleaner and his father worked on a construction site. He often did not have breakfast for school, he could only dream of pocket money. He gave the money earned during his summer job in the fields he has to his parents because every penny counted - those were the times and the kind of world he lived in. Mirek's duties included chopping wood and carrying coal because they lived in the attic. For many years they bathed in a large bowl in the kitchen, and a hook hanged outside their window served them as their refrigerator.

After completing elementary school, he chose his higher education in a school specializing in baking. Above all the possibility of quickly earning money that he did not have. Besides, a real bakery was located three minutes from his family home, and the street often smelled of fresh pastries. He sincerely loved what he does to this day, he loves real artisanal baking and all the aspects related to it

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